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Founded in 2003, the Company started as a pioneer on the Romanian market of Office Solutions, with the package of services called Furnished Offices.

We like to say that Euroteam is an ambitious and reliable provider of services. On Romanian market we are seen as a provider that appreciates and takes good care of its Clients, considering them real partners and offering them a wide range of services dedicated to everyone’s easy office activity.

We take great pride in the flexibility of each and every one of our services; we try to understand the specific needs of our Client and to tailor our offer according to these needs.

Our business is based on relationships with both our Clients and our employees and that’s why we value our people.

In order to ensure the good terms of these relationships we make sure that our personnel has a certain professional level (university studies) and we periodically improve their training level.

At the end we can say that our objective is to improve quality life of working people, by providing easy, flexible, effective office solutions with the benefits of contemporary technology, internet facilities and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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